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electric scat matWhy electric scat mats are better for your dog?

Do you want to train your dog not to overstep boundaries in your home? A pet scat mat might be the best solution.

This training mat produces a 3-second static correction when your dog steps on it. It runs on a 9-volt battery that’s mild enough not to cause injuries or behavioral problems on your pet. The likes of SVD.PET Electric Scat Mats is even equipped with beep warnings for training.

An electric scat mat can be placed anywhere in your home. Instead of spraying pepper, throwing things, and potentially harming your dog, scat mats are 100% safe. It’s also kid-friendly for your peace of mind!

Most of all, electronic training mats for dogs have an adjustable intensity to suit dog breed and personality. With this, more and more pet owners are experiencing the benefits of scat mats.

electronic training mats for dogs

Benefits of using SVD.PET Electric Scat Mats

The SVD.PET Electric Scat Mats offers a safe way to train your dog. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Mess-free training. Unlike using deterrent sprays for your dog, scat mats are mess-free and easy to use.

  • Guaranteed safe. Scat mats only produce a mild static charge to correct your dog. It won’t cause injuries or pain to your pet.

  • Beep and static mode. To train your dog, the SVD.PET Scat Mat has a beep warning and static correction. You can turn off the static mode once your dog recognizes the beep warning.

  • Preventing unwanted entry. With the SVD.PET Electric Scat Mat, you can prevent your dog from entering the kitchen, running out, or jumping on the bed.

With a pet scat mat, teaching your dog discipline just got easier.

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