Every animal deserves a loving home

At SVD.pet, we believe every animal deserves a loving home. We are committed to donating $100 each month to a qualified no-kill animal shelter. Every animal deserves a loving home When you adopt an animal, you change its whole world. Many pets end up in shelters because of human circumstances (the people moved or there’s a new baby in the home), not because of the animal. Animal shelters are often full of happy & healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home.

Organizations we support

Calgary Humane Society
We are inspired by the Calgary Humane Society's commitment to providing shelter for homeless animals and to creating a better tomorrow for pets through education and collaboration with the community. Bravo CHS!

Suggest an animal shelter

Have an animal shelter you want to support?
Send us your suggestion via the form below. Please make sure your shelter:

1. Is a no-kill shelter
2. Is a non-profit organization with charity status
3. Is based in the US or Canada
4. Provides homes for dogs or cats

Did you know

Two of our SVD members are rescue pets.


Fluffy, loyal, & loves to sleep!


Curious, playful, & independent