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1. Please make sure the collar is charged, and turn it on to test or use. Please refer to page 11 of the manual on how to charge and turn on/off.
2. Please test the product following pages 15 and 16 of the manual. Please note that you can bring the microphone as close as possible to your mouth when you blow to test it.
3. If the above step determines that the product functions well, you can try the vibration mode first on the dog, then the static shock mode. You can set the sensitivity level to 5 for the bark to trigger the device more easily—pages 12 and 13 of the manual details how to change modes and sensitivity levels.
Once the collar works on the dog, you can try to lower the sensitivity level so that it's not easily triggered by minor noises the dog might make.
4. When putting the collar on the dog, please make sure it's tight enough so that the electrodes have good contacts to the skin. You can try it without the silicone caps. Separating the fur or spaying water also helps make better contact. Page 19-22 of the manual has some tips on the proper wearing.

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