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We are

a group of animal-loving product developers in Silicon Valley who believe that better tech can offer a better life for all pets. We develop and refine each innovation in-house to assure quality and bring comfort to your pet and your lifestyle.

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Pets Love. Love Pets.

"Pets Love. Love Pets" is our slogan and it goes beyond loving animals. When you love your pet, you also have to care about the environment you create for them. And at SVD.PET it start with the products we design, what goes into it, and how it impacts our pets and our environment. 

Animal Health & Safety Come First

Your pet's health & safety always come first. Our rigorous product development standards are a labor of love. Our pets are our cherished companions, and we offer only the safest products for them.

Recommended by Vets & Approved by Pets

Our products are made after consulting with veterinarians and animal specialists along with our in-house quality control experts (Teddy the Poodle, Yuki the Spitz, Jamel the Tabby), who conducts paws-on tests of all our products. We listen to everyone's feedback carefully!

 We Commit to:

Easy to Use

From the training mat to the poop bag, everything we design is easy-to-use and intuitive to operate. This is part of our company's core value. Because we believe life should be simple. meaw!

Quality and Value

How do we do it? We are constantly looking for ways to improve our designs each and every day and we streamline the production process to pass savings on to you.

Great Customer Service

Everyone at SVD we are all animal lovers & have used each product. When you contact us, you will receive unrivaled customer service from someone who loves their pets as much as you do.