Waste Bag & Dispenser

Take our retractable dispenser and certified compostable waste bag with you anywhere you go. It's always a good idea to have waste bags within easy reach!

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Electric Training Mat

Our Pet Training Mat has many upgraded features and improvements to safely and quickly train your dog and/or cat away from unwanted areas in your house.

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Bark Control Collar

Our compact and lightweight bark control collar is an effective behavioural modification tool to help train your dog to stop unnecessary or excessive barking.

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Easy to

Every device we
develop is designed to be used on an
intuitive level to always keep the
focus on our pets and not on our

Best Value
Superior Quality

We are constantly striving to take
our ideas and ensure they meet our
standards of safety, ease of use, and

Customer Service

We’re animal lovers who hire animal
lovers. Be assured that when you
contact us that you’re speaking to a
sympathetic ear.

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